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2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单

M6U3 知识点清单


1. greet vt. 和某人打招呼(或问好)

~ sb. (with sth.)

He greeted me in the street with a friendly wave of the hand.


greetings n. 问候的话,祝辞;贺词

My mother sends her greetings to you all.

2. hug vt./vi/n. 拥抱,抱紧 --- hugged---hugged

She went to her daughter and hugged her tightly .

Nesta greeted the visitors with hugs and kisses.

3. difference (n)

make a/ no/some etc difference(tosb/sth)对某人/ 某事物有,没有,有些….作用或影响

The rain didn’t make much difference to the game.

be different from 与….不同/ 有区别

American English is quite different from British English.

differ (v.) differ from 与….不同/ 有区别

4. ensure vt.保证,担保,确保=make sure

ensure sb.sth. 确保某人某事

ensure (that) ...

①A good sleep ensures you quicker recovery.


②The hospital tries to ensure that people are seen quickly.


5. congratulate vt.向(某人)道贺,祝贺

congratulate sb.(on sth./on doing sth.) (因……)祝贺某人


congratulation n. 祝贺(多用复数)

congratulations (to sb.) on ... (向某人)祝贺……

Congratulations to you on your good exam results. = Congratulate you on your good exam results. 祝贺你考取好成绩。
6. reception n. 招待会;接待; 接受 prepare rooms for the reception of guests 准备房间以接待宾客 at wedding receptions 在婚宴招待上 Please leave your key at the reception desk . 将钥匙放在服务台。
7. permit vt.& vi.允许,准许 (permitted/permitted) n.许可证
permit sb. sth.允许某人某事

permit sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事

permit doing sth.允许做某事

permission n. 允许,许可


2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单
with/without one's permission 在某人的许可下/未经某人的许可
ask for/get one's permission 请求/获得某人的允许 You are not permitted to park your car here. 你不能把车停在这。 We do not permit smoking in the office. 我们不允许在办公室里抽烟。
You can't take photographs here without permission. 未经许可你们不能在此处拍照。 [名师点津] permit 作不及物动词时,常将其动词-ing 形式用于独立主格结构中。 We will have a picnic in the woods, weather permitting/if weather permits. 如果天气允许的话,我们将在树林里野餐。 We will go there time______________(permit). 8. prohibit vt.(尤指以法令)禁止; 阻止、使不可能 (1)prohibit (sb.'s) doing sth. 禁止(某人)做某事 prohibit sb.(from) doing sth. 禁止某人做某事 (2)prohibition n. 禁止;禁令 The law prohibits tobacconists from selling cigarettes to children. 法律禁止烟贩向儿童出售香烟 The high cost of equipment prohibits many people from taking up this sport. 昂贵的装备令许多人对这项运动望而却步。 ban v./n .明令禁止(某事物), 明令禁止某人(做某事)
(banned banned) Smoking is banned in the building. ban sb from doing sth Charlie's been banned from driving for a year. forbid v. 禁止, 不准, 不许(某人)做某事(forbad、forbidden) forbid sb to do sth He was forbidden to leave the house as a punishment. forbid sb from doing sth Women are forbidden from going out without a veil. She was forbidden access to the club. 9. offence/offense n. ①冒犯,侮辱②违法行为;犯罪;罪行 no offence (to sb) 无意冒犯或触怒某人 I'm moving out no offence to you or the people who live here, but I just don't like the atmosphere. 我要搬出去了--请你或住在这里的人不要见怪, 我只不过是不喜欢这里 的空气罢了. an offence against society 妨碍社会的罪行 offend vt. 冒犯 She may be offended if you don't reply to her invitation. 她请你, 你要是不回个信儿就可能把她得罪了. 10. be all fingers and thumbs 笨手笨脚 11. adjust vi.&vt.适应,*惯;调整,调节 adjust oneself to (doing) ... 使自己适应(做……)=adapt (oneself) to sth adjust ... to ... 根据……调整…… adjust to (doing) sth. 适应(做)某事 adjustment n. 调整,调节,适应 make an adjustment to 对……作出调整 ①If you go to a new place, you must adjust yourself to the new surroundings quickly. 如果你到了一个新地方,你必须尽快使自己适应新的环境。

2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单

②She found it hard to adjust to working at night.


12. throughout history

throughout the world= worldwide 13. accustomed adj.*惯于;惯常的

be accustomed to *惯于(状态) become/get accustomed to *惯于(动作)

accustom v. 使*惯于,使适应…… accustom ...to 使……*惯于

It took a while for me to accustom myself to all the new rules and regulations. 我花了一段时间才逐渐使自己适应了所有新的规章制度。

I'm accustomed to not getting up so early to do morning exercise. 我不*惯这么早起床进行晨练.

_______ the new life in Qingdao, the old man lived happily with his son after leaving his

home in the countryside.

A. Accustomed to

B. Accustoming to

C. Having accustomed to 14. familiar adj.通晓;熟悉
Sb be familiar with sth 熟悉……

D. Having used to sth be familiar to sb.


He is quite familiar with the city because he is a native of it. =The city is quite familiar to him because he is a native of it.


15. celebration n.庆典;庆祝活动

in celebration of ...为了庆祝……

celebrate v. 庆祝

They will hold a party in celebration of their victory. 他们将举行晚会以庆祝胜利。

=They will hold a party to celebrate their victory. 16. expectation n.期望,盼望 →expect v.期望,预料,认为
live up to (one’s) expectations 不负所望

beyond (one’s) expectations 超出某人的预期;出乎意料地

expect (sb) to do sth. 期望(某人)做某事;预料(某人)做某事

17. In his youth, however, he never left his hometown, let alone travelled to another country,

because he had to work to support his family. 然而,在他年轻时从未离开过家乡,更不用说到国外旅游了,因为他得工作来养活家


let alone 更不用说

表示“更不用说”的短语还有:not to mention, not to say, much/still/even less。

The baby can't even sit up yet, let alone walk!

No explanation was offered, still less an apology. let/leave sb. alone 不打扰

She's asked to be left alone but the press keep pestering her. 她要求不要打扰她, 但报界总是缠着她不放.

let/leave sth. alone 不碰 I've told you before leave my things alone! 我早已告诉过你--不要动我的东西! let sb. down 使失望;放下 Please come and support me. Don't let me down. 请来支持我. 别让我失望.

let out 发出;放大;泄露(秘密)

let out a scream 发出尖叫

let out a secret 泄露秘密=make (a garment, etc) looser or larger 放宽, 放大(衣服等):


2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单

He's getting so fat that his trousers have to be let out round the waist.

他越来越胖, 裤腰都得放宽了.

18. show sb. around 带某人参观、游览

show off 炫耀

show up 出现,露面=turn up

19. take up 占据(时间或空间);拿起;开始从事;继续

I have taken up teaching since I graduated from university. 开始从事

Writing the paper took up most of the weekend. 占据(时间)

It is high time that we took measures to protect our environment. 采取措施做某事

It takes hard work to make dreams into reality. 实现梦想需要付出艰苦的努力

take apart 拆开

take down (=write down=put down=note down)the telephone number 记下电话号码

take on 呈现;承担;接纳,雇佣

take on a new look 呈现出新面貌

take on responsibilities 承担责任

take on new workers 接纳新的员工

take in 吸收;欺骗;理解

take in carbon dioxide 吸收二氧化碳

She took me in completely with her story. 我完全被她的花言巧语骗住了

Halfway through the chapter I realized I hadn’t taken anything in.


take off 起飞;事业(腾飞);休假

My writing career took off when I discovered my own style.


take some time off to go travelling 休息一段时间去旅游

take over 接管

take over the job as a manager 接任经理一职

20. religion n.宗教→religious adj.宗教的; 虔诚的

21. slight adj.轻微的→slightly adv.轻微地

22. minority n.少数民族;少数,少数人→majority n.大多数,大部分

the majority/minority of 大多数/少数

in a/the majority/minority 占多数/占少数

23. account n.[C]描述,叙述;账目 vi.作出解释;(数量或比例)占……

listen to traditional accounts of bravery 听他们讲传统的英勇故事

open an account 开设账户

give an account of 给予描述;进行说明

He was too shocked to give an account of what had happened.

take…into account=take…into consideration 将…考虑进去

take account of 考虑…

We should also take account of difficulties.

=We should also take difficulties into account.

on no account 决不


in no case、at no time、by no means、 in/under no circumstances、on no condition

On no account should you give up. 你决不应该放弃。

on account of 由于,因为

= as a result of= as a consequence of=due to=owing to


2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单

account(v.) for 解释,说明(原因、钱的用途等);(在数量、比例方面)占…… The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd. 天气不好可能是人来得少的原因。 Recent pressure at work may account for his behavior.最*工作上的压力可能能解释他的 行为。
The number of girls accounts for/makes up 50 percent of our class. 24 . bravery n.勇敢→brave adj.勇敢的→bravely adv.勇敢地 25. govern vt.统治;控制,支配→government n.统治;政府→governor n.州长;统治者 26. mask n. 面具 vt. 伪装,掩饰
mask one's fear by a show of confidence 装出有信心的样子来掩饰内心的恐惧 Men often mask their true feelings with humour. 27. steam vt./vi. 蒸发,蒸; n. 蒸汽 The kettle was steaming (away) on the stove. 水壶在炉子上冒着热气. be/get (all) steamed `up (about/over sth)变得很热心﹑ 愤怒﹑ 激动等
Calm down it's nothing to get steamed up about! 冷静一点--没什麽可激动的!

28. plain n. *原 in plain words it’s plain that. . . be plain about

adj. 清楚的,明显的;坦诚的;朴素的 坦白地说 显然…… 对……坦率

He made it plain (to us) that he did not wish to continue.


a plain but very elegant dress 朴素而极雅致的连衣裙

29. have power over 控制;支配

People should have power over the decisions that affect their lives.

人们应该能支配影响他们生活的决定. 30. roast vt. 烤,烘焙 adj. 烤的

roast a joint of meat 烤一大块肉 roast coffee beans 烘焙咖啡豆

include meat roasted over an open fire 31. alike adj. 相像,十分相似
adv. 十分相像地;同样地

look alike in be alike to sb.

在某方面看起来相似 对某人来说是一样的

treat sb. alike dress alike

同样对待某人 穿着相同

The two towns are very much alike in size and population. 这两个城镇在规模和人口方面都十分相似。

All music is alike to him. 各种音乐在他听来全都一样。

Great minds think alike.


1. an exchange student 交换生


2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单
2. why don't you ...= why not do sth.? 为什么不做...... 3. at the end-of-term ceremony 在期末典礼上 4. the wedding ceremony 结婚典礼 5. be supposed to ...被认为是…… 6. drive ... away from ...把……从……驱走 7. ensure good luck for the marriage 确保给婚姻带来好运 8. congratulate the new couple 向这对新人祝贺 9. be considered (to be ...)被认为(是……) 10. at wedding receptions 在婚宴上 11. sit in separate areas 坐在不同的区域 12. throughout the night=all through the night 整夜, 通宵 13. cause offence 引起冒犯 14. adjust oneself to ...使某人自己适应…… 15. get accustomed to *惯于(to 为介词) 16. be familiar with 对……熟悉 17. gather around 聚在一起 18. appropriate behaviour 得体的行为举止 19. minority culture 少数民族文化 20. share/have sth. in common 有共同点 21. set off 燃放 22. do without 设法对付过去;没有……也行 If we can't afford a car, we'll just have to do without (one). 我们要是买不起汽车, 也就只好不 用(汽车)了 23. be clever at doing sth. 很擅长做某事 24. in one's youth 在某人年轻的时候 25. let alone 更不用说 26. show sb. around 带某人参观、游览 27. support his family 养活家庭。 28. give out 发出;耗尽;精疲力竭 29. shake hands with sb. 与某人握手 30. get into trouble 陷入困境 31. have no idea 不知道 32. a slight bow with the hands pressed together 双手合十并微微鞠躬。 33. the chance to do sth.做某事的机会 34. move around 四处活动 35. for yourself 亲自,你自己 36. have large summer assemblies for feastsand celebrations 举行大型夏日聚会, 享受丰盛的食物,举行庆祝活动。 37. listen to traditional accounts ofbravery 聆听他们传统的英勇故事

2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单
38. be carved from ... 由……雕刻而成 39. wear a special animal dance maskcarved from wood 戴上特别的专门用于动物舞蹈的用木头雕刻成的面具 40. have the chance to see Aborigine ceremonies with singing and dancing, based on ancient beliefs 有机会目睹基于古老信仰的、人们又唱又跳的澳大利亚土著人庆祝仪式 41. go on for hours 持续几个小时 42. on Earth 在地球上 43. make rules and laws to govern them 制定规则和法律来管理他们 44. musical instruments 乐器 45. be home to 是……的家园 46. bring with them a culture rich in song, dance and art 带来了一种以丰富的歌舞和艺术为表现形式的文化 47. have a traditional meeting house, where visitors are welcomed 有一个传统的聚会房舍,在这里欢迎客人的到来 48. meet with 遇见 49. in the centre of ...在……的中心 50. have power over 控制,支配 51. see natives smoking a peace pipe 见到土著人用和*烟斗抽烟 52. a bow and arrow competition designed to retell how the Plains Indians used to hunt for food 一场射箭比赛,它的目的是复述过去*原印第安人是如何狩猎获取食物的 53. meat roasted over an open fire 在户外篝火上烧烤的肉 54. as strong as a horse=very strong 55. as busy as a bee= very busy 56. as poor as a church mouse=very poor 57. as cool as a cucumber=very calm 58. sleep like a log=sleep very deeply 第三部分:句子 1. It’s rude not to open a present when someone gives you one.
=It’s polite to open a present when someone gives you one. =It’s impolite not to open a present when someone gives you one. 2. Alcohol is altogether/completely/entirely prohibited in Brunei. Though Americans and the British speak the same language and have a similar appearance, they are not altogether alike. 3. Many foreigners have trouble getting accustomed to it. He soon became accustomed to ___________(get) up early to study English. 4. The breaking of a taboo(禁忌) is usually upsetting or embarrassing for the person concerned (=the person who is involved or affected 相关的人) and the people around him or her. I’d like to thank everyone __________(concern) for making the activity run so smoothly.

2017-2018 学年度苏州高新区第一中学高二英语 M6U3 知识清单
5. In Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia, the normal greeting is a slight bow with the hands pressed together. We saw her praying hard, with eyes __________(close) and hands __________(press) together.
6. Japanese people dislike it when people do not look at the cards, so remember not to just put them in your pocket without looking. I don’t like it when my younger brother follows me around. I hate it when people talk with their mouths full. I’d appreciate it if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.
7. While/Although these different forms of greetings and customs might seem strange to you, remember that what you consider normal probably seems just as unusual to others.
8. I am writing to explain any misunderstandings./to apologize for any misunderstandings. 9. Here you will have the chance to see Aborigine ceremonies with singing and dancing, based
on ancient beliefs.(基于古老的信仰) 10. It is believed that the Maori people came from the Pacific islands of Polynesia.
=The Maori people are believed to have come from the Pacific islands of Polynesia. 11. They brought with them a culture rich in song, dance and art.
他们带来了一种以丰富的歌舞和艺术为表现形式的文化。 12. New Zealand is home to the Maoris.


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